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Custom Molding
Structural High Density EPS
and Fabrications Since 1954


We can create anything your imagination conceives. Imagine a molded structural EPS housing used for an air handling system that incorporates motors, and filters. Imagine replacing the 400 pound concrete sewer rings in the roads with a 15 pound EPS ring that can handle loads of over 20,000 pounds. EPS can be used as a cushioning material for delicate items, nonconductive spacers for smart bombs, replacement in door construction, lost foam applications and many others. Expanded polystyrene is a unique and economical material that has many wide applications; what are your challenges?


Material handling trays and ampoule holders for glass

Stock Corners

Stock shipping corners for furniture, cartons, window flange and edge protection

Recreational Vehicles

Motor home roof panels

End Caps and Material Handling

Custom molded corners for all packaging applications

Miscellaneous Applications

Water softer floats, lost foam rings, stud wall temperature housing, smart bomb insulator, and roof vent insulator


Fabricated parts are cut using a CNC contour cutter, which requires no additional tooling cost. We can produces a variety of EPS densities into custom shapes; finished pieces can be coated with pressure sensitive adhesives, and a variety of poly urea coatings.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a wonderfully stable material for exterior applications with insulation values (R values) ranging from R4 to R6 per inch based upon density. Our material may be cut into shapes or sheets. When expanded polystyrene can be covered with cement based stucco that allows you to create an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS).

Kalamazoo Plastics can supply you with 4’ x 8’ sheets with a pound per cubic foot density ranging from 1.0 pcf to 5.0 (plus) pcf.

Insulated Shippers

Over the years we have developed many insulated shipping containers for temperature sensitive products for the pharmaceutical industry and other applications. The following are some of the available sizes. These products are continually under review and revision.

Description Size id w/ lid Wall Thickness
864 8”x6”x4” 1.5"
867 8”x6”x7” 1.5"
868 8”x6”x8” 1.5"
869 8”x6”x9” 1.5"
886 8.5”x8.5”x6” 1.5"
888 8”x8”x8.5 1.5"
881 8.13”x8.13”x12” 1.5"
1095 10.3”x9.5”x5.5” 1.5"
11109 11.75”x10”x9.25” 1.5"
111113 11”x11”x13.5” 1.5"
111114 11”x11”x14” 1.5"
121212 11.8”x11.8”x12” 1.5"
121215 12.5”x12.5”x15” 1.5"
242119 19.5”x16”x14.25” 2.5"

Advanced Manufacturing

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