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Custom Molding
Structural High Density EPS
and Fabrications Since 1954

Advanced Manufacturing

This 15 pound product is a road construction sewer ring, which replaces the 400 lb concrete ring that has traditionally been used.

They are made to a tight tolerance and meet ASTM standards and out perform concrete as to total cost and durability. 36" and 40" diameters available, 10 different thickness for each diameter.
See www.ugroundtech.com

This unique product (pictured below) is the structure for an air handler, housing filters and a motor with a rotating disk. This housing provides sound and temperature insulation. The structural unit is made to extremely tight tolerances with extremely high compressive and flexural characteristics. This product is an example of our design and manufacturing capabilities.

Structural High Density EPS

The products to the right are trailer door cores, a door lock block and a smart bomb insulator. These parts utilize high density EPS and are manufactured to very tight tolerances. The high density materials [4-7 pcf density] meet ASTM standards for compressive and flexural requirements.